Monday, April 5, 2010

Yeah, I saw that episode of "In Search Of..." too!

Anti-science climate-change deniers have a wonderful habit of interpreting out of context discussion within science itself. The fact that science isn't monolithic and explores various possibilities, to them, is a sign of weakness instead of a function of the process of science, where for entirely career oriented concerns, scientists in the peer review process jump down each other's throats to tear one another down.

In the 1970s, there was a theory that earth was going into a new Ice Age, a theory so dubious, sensationalistic and borderline fringe that it qualified for an "In Search Of..." episode, a series that dealt with serious scientific discussion about major issues of the Pyramid Power, the curse of the pharaohs, and whether or not the Mayans had the secret of space travel.

I mean, sure, "In Search Of" is the greatest show ever, but I wouldn't exactly look to it to determine the latest trends in science.

To exaggerate an "In Search Of" topic into something that was a real consensus of real science is a slimy interpretation of scientific history. Those nutty climate scientists - why can't they make up their minds, huh? Is it going to be an Ice Age or not?

This video responds to the claims that "climate scientists in the 1970s thought we were headed to an Ice Age" pretty well.

Some things just transcend the realm of politics. Politics is about changing value judgments into a course of action for society. This is different from science, which analyzes and describes the physical world around us. While we can disagree on courses of action as well as on value judgments as thinking human beings, physical reality is non-negotiable.

Just because something is inconvenient does not make it untrue.

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