Thursday, June 26, 2008

My ride in the Weinermobile

In January, when I get my teacher's certification, I'm leaving either to accept a teaching position with either the Peace Corps, or a "roadless" school district in rural Alaska (depending on who responds to my resume).

You'd think that fulfilling one lifelong dream (teaching abroad) would be enough.

Oh, no!

This year, I got to actually ride in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!

A dream since I was six years old. The current spokesperson for Oscar-Mayer is Magaly Estrella, a good friend of mine and an FIU student, so the Weinermobile was at the FIU parking lot.

For those that have never been in the Weinermobile, it was incredible. The whole inside had that new car smell. The interior was brilliant red and yellow, like a box of french fries, with rich airplane-style leather seats. You're even higher up than on most Grayhound buses; the windows are huge and panoramic, like a fighter plane. Even the glove compartments are sculpted to look like hot dog buns!

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