Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Year in Pictures

This one's from Halloween, where, as always, I went as Galileo. My posse at the time, which included Brian Sippin (now there's a name that turns up in Google!) and Mel Austin headed to Cocowalk around midnight. When Florida sinks into the sea in the future, we'll always be able to say we saw Miami at the height of its Romanesque debaucheries.

This is from Amy and Mark Romero's engagement party in the middle of December. People of our generation are already starting to get married. Now there's a scary thought...

Would you let these people run your country?

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eduardo m. said...

You want scary? Try having members of the family remind you gently that since your big brother has all girls, its up to you to get hitched and start popping out boys lest the family name die out. Of course they say "no pressure" but that never helps.