Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Legend of Julian

I don't like to use this blog to talk about myself, an activity I always thought was self-absorbed, however, this time it's important and significant enough to mention.

First, you might have noticed there are more updates than normal, as the school year has wrapped up.

Second, the Peace Corps responded to my application. The good news is, I've been nominated to a program in Eastern Europe to teach the English language. Right now I'm in the process of doing my health, dental and psychological forms. Their background checks did turn up a few little gremlins, but nothing I'm terribly worried about as entirely significant. The good news is, I will probably be shipping out thereabouts the end of summer. After that, I'll promise to spend part of this blog with updates and photographs from my new location.

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David said...

Well done, Julian, and good luck to you. Hard to believe there could be gremlins in your past, but I'm sure it's nothing that would prevent your leaving the U.S. Quite the opposite, I'd imagine. :-)

Seriously, it's cool that you're doing this and I'm sure it'll be an adventure to remember. I have cousins who have taught for the American International School in Pakistan, Kuwait, Syria and currently Nigeria, and it's been an amazing experience for them.