Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Dad is my hero

Dad, together with the ACLU, struck down an state travel law that prevented academics from visiting Cuba for research purposes, either with private or public money. The law was an unforgivable act of Miami intransigence, and a violation of academic freedom.

Read all about it here.

I've never been prouder of Dad. There are some things that transcend politics and the political realm, that supercede the limited boundaries of politics, for which the intrusion of politics into that realm is unwarranted: learning, academic exchange, and science are chief among them.

I was a hell of a kid to raise, a pure demon, heavy-metal music lover, and a borderline pyromaniac...but I have always been proud of my parents, and they have both given me the guidance I need to be a good and moral citizen, American, and adult. I couldn't be prouder of them.

Papa had some good old Perez-style tough talk for the supporters of the bill:

''Increasingly what has happened is that this has become an agenda for some state legislators from the Miami area who want to stake their political careers on appearing to be tough on Cuba from Tallahassee,'' Perez said. ``This was an insult by David Rivera.''

I will admit, it was fun to watch a worm like Rivera squirm. It was a blow against those that believe that the solution to political problems is to keep others isolated and ignorant.

''I think this law was a slap to Cubans in South Florida,'' Breslin said.

Ha. Bwahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Oh. My. Let me catch my breath. Muhuhuhahahaha!

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Tell your Dad I said "Way to Go!"